AUG. 27

Stolen moped. A 1983 dark blue Honda moped was stolen in the 13000 block of Flay Avenue.

AUG. 29

Traffic violations. An officer observed a motorcycle emiting a blue light from its engine area and noticed it was racing with a Corvette on Hwy. 94. Both drivers admitted to racing and were given citations. The driver of the motorcycle was also cited for the blue light, having no proof of insurance and having an expired motorcycle license endorsement.


AUG. 30

Right turn on red light. A driver was cited for turning right on a red light at the intersection of Manning Avenue and Stillwater Boulevard, where right turn on red is not allowed.


AUG. 28

Harassing communications. A man called the Mr. Appliance store, 6083 12th St., several times complaining that the tagline for the business, "Expert Appliance Repair," infringed on his own appliance repair business in Coon Rapids. Police contacted the caller, who admitted he handled the issue poorly. He told police he'd contact the Mr. Appliance corporate office or get a private attorney.

Theft of motor vehicle. Someone gained entry into a locked truck in the 6000 block of Upper 51st Street and stole power tools, hand tools, sunglasses and $100 in change, plus a key to the truck owner's Buick Century, which was then stolen.

AUG. 31

Ordinance violation. Police responded to a report of a man and woman picking berries at Goose Pond Park, 6117 40th St. The report said the couple had driven an SUV onto the ball field and tore up the grass. The two were gone by the time police arrived.

Suspicious person. Police made contact with a man who was reportedly hiding in yards in the 5100 block of Gershwin Avenue. The man said he suspected his wife was cheating on him and he wanted to catch her. Police advised him he was disturbing neighbors and should find another way to resolve the issue with his wife.


AUG. 30

Gas siphoning. Five gallons of gas were siphoned overnight from a vehicle in the 100 block of Poplar Street.

AUG. 31

Cat in live trap. A feral cat was caught in a trap in a garage in the 1300 block of Orleans Street. The cat escaped when it was being removed from the trap.


Hunting complaint. Police informed a caller, who was reporting someone hunting on an island on the St. Croix River north of the Stillwater Bridge, that the early hunting season for Canadian Geese had started.


AUG. 31

Littering/Suspicious vehicle. Police tracked down the driver of a mini-van who had dumped used carpeting at the end of a driveway in the 2000 block of Neal Avenue. The man was cited for littering.


AUG. 28

Man on drugs. A man who was heard yelling on the phone that he needed money for drugs was arrested for possession of heroin at the Wells Fargo at 9882 Norma Lane. Employees at the bank reported he was acting strangely and threw something down a sewer grate. It was a hypodermic needle that tested positive for heroin, police said.


Disturbance. Police were called to the McDonalds at 1759 Weir Drive on a report that an employee had been terminated after a physical altercation with another employee. The two employees were brothers; one told police that his brother had been fired but denied any physical assault. No police assistance was required.

Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.