Yoshi seems to be stuck in a rut

“Yoshi’s New Island” ($40 for Nintendo 3DS; rated Everyone) once again takes gamers back to piloting Mario’s dinosaur buddy. The story is still the same: The baby brothers Mario and Luigi have been separated. Yoshi must carry Baby Mario to safety while searching for lost Baby Luigi. Yoshi’s bag of tricks is also the same, with the addition of the impressive Eggdozer — which finds Yoshi turning a giant enemy into a massive metal egg that can be rolled forward to smash through barriers. Nintendo is aware that “New Island” is complex. Hint boxes appear all over the place. Even something as simple as defeating a large baddie is prefaced with a text hint: “Hit this enemy three times!” “Yoshi’s New Island” sits in an uncomfortable place: It knows you have a lot to do, but is sure you won’t be able to figure it out. You can skip this game.

Chicago Tribune