Consider this the shortest promotion in Twins history.

Early Tuesday, the team announced it would start selling special tickets for entry 45 minutes before Target Field’s gates open at their regularly scheduled time in order for fans to watch the home team take batting practice.

But Tuesday afternoon, the Twins sent out another press release -- this one saying the program was no longer happening. Chris Iles, senior manager of corporate communications for the Twins, sent both releases. The second said the idea "was not fully vetted across the Twins organization."

There was also plenty of backlash from fans on social media, radio programs and online comments sections throughout the day.

The tickets were going cost $15 and could only be bought by those already holding a regular game ticket, the team said in its earlier announcement. About half of teams in the majors have some sort of early entry program, Iles added.

Said Twins President Dave St. Peter: "We’re looking at ways to add more access to batting practice, but I’m not sure charging incrementally is the way to go about that. ... It was released before it ever should have been. It’s hard to believe, but it was not pulled down because of fan reaction."