Q: About a year after 9/11, I saw a documentary on CBS done by two brothers who were in the World Trade Center when it was hit. The name was "In God's Name," I believe. Is there somewhere I can purchase that?

A: Jules and Gedeon Naudet did indeed do a documentary in 2007 called "In God's Name," in which spiritual leaders talked about big issues. It has been released on DVD; if your local retailer does not have it, I have seen it for sale by ­Amazon and Movies Unlimited, among other websites.

The Naudet brothers were working on a documentary about a New York City firefighter on 9/11 and captured the only known footage of the first aircraft hitting the World Trade Center. Jules then entered the center with firefighters and remained there through the early attempts to rescue survivors. That effort resulted in another documentary, called "9/11," which aired on CBS in 2002. That documentary has also been released on DVD, as well as being on ­Amazon Instant Video.

'Nashville' sisters are country stars

Q: On "Nashville," the two girls playing Rayna's daughters look familiar. Did they appear on "America's Got Talent"?

A: Lennon and Maisy Stella of Nashville are real-life sisters as well as playing them on TV. They also are the daughters of Marylynne and Brad Stella, who perform as the Stellas.

According to the Tennessean newspaper, Marylynne wanted to raise the girls' profile before "Nashville" premiered, so she made a video of them performing Robyn's song "Call Your Girifriend" with hand-claps and ­container-taps. It drew 2 million views in two days, the paper reported, and made the sisters a viral sensation. The video has now passed 22 million views.

"America's Got Talent," which invites submissions via YouTube, did use a clip from the girls' video — but has not had them singing onstage. Still, ABC's "Nashville" has given them and their music plenty of attention.

Is it 'Bridget' or 'Gidget'?

Q: Do you know if a DVD is available of "Bridget Goes Hawaiian"?

A: Having searched that title without success, I'm guessing you mean "Gidget Goes Hawaiian," starring Deborah Walley. (Other Gidgets have included Sandra Dee, Sally Field, Cindy Carol, Monie Ellis and Caryn Richman.) "Gidget Goes Hawaiian" is available on DVD.

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