Public Allies Launches in the Twin Cities

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – The Urban Institute for Service and Learning, a division of the neighborhood-based organization Pillsbury United Communities, announces the inaugural launch of its partnership with Public Allies, an AmeriCorps program that trains young adults to become leaders in the nonprofit and public sector. The Allies are placed in 10-month professional apprenticeships at 501(c)(3) organizations throughout the Twin Cities where they help develop the programs and services their organizations provide to address issues such as education, community development and public health. Sponsored by American Express, the inaugural class will be introduced Friday, December 10 at the official launch event at Pillsbury House in South Minneapolis.


Public Allies addresses the needs of talented, engaged young people who want to learn about and address community and national issues, while gaining knowledge and on-the-job training. Public Allies participants have been described as “diverse in culture, education, and professional background” while sharing the common drive to become leaders who strengthen communities, nonprofits and civic participation. In addition, they will pursue community-designed team service projects to positively impact specific Twin Cities' initiatives. During their time as Public Allies, the young leaders also participate in retreats and workshops and receive coaching, mentoring and training to continue developing their personal and leadership skills.


“We are excited to be working with 25 amazing, young people who are already impacting their communities,” said Antonio Cardona, MPA, Site Director. “The Allies are finding opportunities within changing neighborhoods and cultivating relationships between existing leaders throughout the Twin Cities. They are being part of the often quoted ‘change they wish to see in the world’. It is a promising time for our new generation of leaders to connect their passion and talent with innovative partners for a citizen-based approach.  We are grateful to American Express for supporting the launch of Public Allie Twin Cities.”


For more information about partnering with Public Allies or to RSVP please contact Antonio Cardona, Site Director, at 612-302-3425 or electronically at


About Public Allies

Public Allies’ mission is to advance new leadership to strengthen communities, nonprofits, and civic participation. Public Allies is motivated by the conviction that everyone can lead, and that lasting social change results when citizens of all backgrounds step up, take responsibility, and work together. Public Allies is an AmeriCorps sponsored program based in Milwaukee, WI, and supporting 21 sites across the country. Since its inception in 1992, it has graduated more than 3,000 Allies from community-based programs designed to expand the capacity of local nonprofits and teach young adults leadership skills. For information about the Allies Program, alumni activities, training programs, and Turning the Tide fellowships, please visit or contact the National Office.


About Pillsbury United Communities

PUC Logo

Pillsbury United Communities is a nonprofit organization working to create choice, change and connection for people from all walks of life. With multiple locations in Minneapolis' inner city neighborhoods – including four neighborhood centers and a professional live theatre – Pillsbury United Communities is positioned to address the complicated issues and concerns faced by the more than 35,000 people who walk through our doors each year. 


Public Allies Twin Cities thanks American Express for supporting the launch of the 21st site of Public Allies, and the first in Minnesota.





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