It is hard to be a Minnesotan right now.

If you are a sports fan, it is really difficult. The Twins are in the midst of a seven game losing streak. Answers seem few and far between. The Minnesota Wild need a General Manager and a new head coach. The Timberwolves need a new General Manager and a head coach. The ping pong balls at this week's NBA draft lottery were also unkind to the Wolves. The Vikings? Well, they are putting their fans through this seemingly never-ending Brett Favre discussion.

Major companies such as Target and Best Buy that are based in Minnesota have certainly had their struggles. Minnesota is still represented by just one senator. The likely winner in that election is a comedian who hasn't been particularly funny in about 15 years. This comes about a decade after the state voted for a wrestler. And we got Sara Jane Olson back too!

And now Minnesota is being represented by Colleen Hauser. Hauser is the lady from Sleepy Eye who inexplicably has kidnapped her 13 year old son Danny, who has lymphoma, to keep him from going through chemotherapy. I haven't ever gone through chemo. Obviously I have heard that it is awful and painful.
But I do know, as a parent, that it is my job to always put the best interests of my child above everything else. Above my personal goals and agendas. Above my career. Above everything! Is Colleen Hauser really doing this for the betterment of her child's life? Is she potentially shortening the life of 13 year old Danny? If so, please charge her with parental negligence or something more strict, even murder. If chemo treatments keep your child alive and potentially save his life, don't you have to do that? But no, she is running and endangering the life of her child.

Even worse, she has seven other kids at home that she abandoned. Left. Ran away from. Isn't that what we are taught early in life? When the going gets tough, the tough get going! You don't run from your problems. You try to face them head on.
Maybe we will find out some crazy information that somehow explains her thinking and I will issue an apology. But until then, here's to the authorities, in whatever state, or country, finding Colleen and Danny Hauser, bringing them both back to Minnesota, getting Danny the help he needs, and putting Colleen behind bars for a long time.    

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