We asked Renee Ward, the refreshingly optimistic founder of, for advice.

Get out there: Walk around your neighborhood looking for "Help Wanted" signs. Visit places that typically do seasonal hiring, such as zoos, museums, lawn services, ice cream shops and amusement parks.

Put your game face on: When you get a callback, dress in clean, casual clothing. Use your business voice. Smile. Be engaging and flexible.

Spl chk: Make sure that every word on your résumé is spelled correctly. The world of job hunting is a text-message-free zone.

Get creative: Can't find anything? Start something. Do pet-walking, offer to sit and read to an elderly person. Help with party-planning or clean-up.

Volunteer: Until you find a paid position, offer your services for free to an organization that means something to you. It will look great on your résumé and could lead to something paid.

Network: Push your parents and their friends to give you names of people in the community who might need help this summer.

Keep at it: Many businesses that were holding back might now be ready to hire. Some early hires might not have worked out. Be there, and be ready.