My dad was a calm, easy-going guy. He took everything in stride, never getting too excited because 'everything has a way of working out'.

As the youngest of five, he was given the nickname "Bud". He was an Irish farmer who loved the land, cherished his family, who believed in God, and doing the right thing.

Known for his storytelling, he could entertain family and friends and new acquaintances alike. Each one of his stories was like a single thread, but together they wove the most beautiful tapestry which told the story of his life. Whatever the occasion, he had a story to tell with another 10 at the ready! The day my dad passed, the world became a little quieter, but just for a little while. Because you see, his children and grandchildren will continue to tell his stories, and add a few of their own. His voice may have ceased, but his legacy lives story at a time.