Ready to try Tinder Social on your own? Let us help.

Do: Pick a place with activities.

When talking to strangers on Tinder, pick a place where you don't really have to just talk. Maybe you'll all want to plan out your lives together and need the quiet of a backlit garden patio. But you probably won't.

Don't: Have only one ­person talking.

This is a group feature for groups to talk to other groups. Keyword: groups. It's cool that one person can take charge and set the time and the place, but otherwise, all hands in.

Do: Leave your ancestors off the internet.

Does your grandma know that your 2013 family Thanksgiving photo is being used in your Tinder bio? Family values are great, but no one needs to e-meet Aunt Linda before the first date. Don't make Tinder Social that intimate.

Don't: Critique a person's opening line.

Listen. Starting the conversation is hard. No one laughs when someone asks if you are going out tonight and you respond, "Does a bear poop in the woods?" Yes, and obviously no one is going to hang out with you now. Boy, 'bye.

Do: See how your group's profile pictures look together.

If you all are using the same college party photo — just zoomed in differently — that's boring. Switch out the main pictures. If your friend has a car selfie, bathroom selfie or shirtless selfie, call them out. Save a life.

Don't: Be homophobic/racist/sexist.

Why does this even have to be said? Tinder is for all. Get out of our DMs with your cruelty and middle-school immaturity.

Danielle Fox