The Bike Guy column

Tony Brown writes once a month about the evolving, offbeat, vibrant world of cycling in Minnesota.

May 11
A cyclist rolled along the West River Parkway bike path.

The Bike Guy column: Arrival of e-bikes should spur discussion about speed on paths

Arrival of e-bikes has made the topic even more urgent in Minneapolis.
April 12
Lost or stolen bikes are warehoused in Minneapolis, and many are sold at regular police auctions.

The Bike Guy column: Lessons from scuttling a Minneapolis bike theft scheme

One takeaway from the arrest: Register your bike, and you just might get it back.
March 8
Mikael Colville-Andersen wants Copenhagen — where four in 10 ride to work or school — for the rest of the world.

The Bike Guy: Cycling evangelist has been upbeat on Minneapolis

TEDx star has been upbeat on Minneapolis, but he doesn't heed gritty realities.
February 8
Winter mindset: Bikes -- and bike parts.

The Bike Guy column: Bike-build has honored place among winter tasks

Inner work and devotion to the bike are beautifully illustrated in "Zen" classic.
January 16
The Bike Guy column: Shops are full of guys, and not full of women

The Bike Guy column: Shops are full of guys, and not full of women

Mechanic programs bring more women into the fold.