Guess how old you are?


Because guess how old Wayne Gretzky is?


That's right. The Great One turned 50 today.

Maybe you were already aware of that. But have you really stopped to think what Gretzky hitting the half-century mark means in the big picture of your life?

We remember watching Gretzky in his prime while we were very, very young. And now we're oh-so-old.

In any event, we're not trying to make your head bleed. We'll save the next crisis for a little over two years from now.


Programming note: We have a bevy of good Commenter-generated features to get to in the next couple of days. Be prepared to be amused. Tonight, we'll be at Target Center. If you hear someone yelling obscenities about bad defense and blaming someone else, that's probably us. Say hello at your own risk.

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