First, a funny story from Have a look-see. TCU!

Next: When you have 20 or so blog items a week, plus things on Page 2, you make a few folks disgruntled with your opinions. As such, we present: Apologizing to the people we've offended this week. With enough practice, this could become a new weekly feature. Sorry to:

*An e-mailer who doesn't like Vince Young (referenced on Page 2 Friday): For the love of God, tell me that was a misprint please. Vince Young? People are interested in Vince Young? Vince Young is horse-[redacted], not to mention a prima donna. Thats just what this team needs. A malcontent that throws his pads into the stands like a child. Please squash this horrible rumor as soon as possible. There's no way any serious fan wants Vince Young in Minnesota, unless it's as another teams idiotic choice as their QB and we are kicking their [redacteds].

*Ringette Canada (very recently offended).

*Those who do not like Josh McDaniels.

That about covers it. Tonight we will try to prove that we can relax while bowling instead of being ultra-competitive. What will you do to make a difference in this world?

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