When St. Paul police caught up with a suspected burglar running south across University Avenue in St. Paul at 1:13 a.m. Friday, he said “he was hungry and he was going to eat her peanut butter and bread.”

“He stated that he stashed [a resident’s] peanut butter and bread, but didn’t have time to eat it because she came home,” according to first-degree burglary charges filed Friday in Ramsey County District Court against Matthew N. Falla.

Falla, 34, whose address is unknown, allegedly broke into an apartment in the 2100 block of W. University Avenue and fled when the resident, a woman, came home and found him inside.

According to the complaint: The woman came home from work, saw Falla and called 911.

Falla fled, but while police were processing the crime scene, a witness called out, “There he goes!”

Falla ignored police orders to stop and was arrested when he came to tall fencing that surrounded him.

“Police observed that several items were out of place in the apartment and appeared to be ‘staged’ by the door to be taken out of the apartment,” the complaint said. “[The victim] stated that her orange juice and wine were on the floor and they were normally in the refrigerator. Her bread had been moved to the floor from a shelf.”

Chao Xiong