All the pre-draft news conferences conducted by NFL teams have to be taken with a grain of salt.

With that being said, the Vikings held their presser on Tuesday and vice president of player personnel Rick Spielman made it clear the team has plenty of options with the 12th overall pick and one includes moving back in Thursday's night opening round. 

"I know one thing, we’re going to get a very good football player," Spielman told reporters at Winter Park. "What position? I don’t know what it’s going to be? I know we have six or seven options at that pick, all different positions. There are a couple multiple players at the same position.

"We’ve stacked those guys, if both of them were there, how we would take them off accordingly. So we’ve also been very active on the phones, trying to trade back. We’ve had three or four teams, already called us, on potentially moving up to the 12th spot. So we’re going to look at all of those options. But a lot of that won’t happen until we’re actually on the clock."

There is the potential scenario under which the Vikings could drop back in the first round, take a quarterback and also get a third-round pick to replace the one they lost last season in the Randy Moss trade. Spielman made it clear a few months back that he would like to get a third-rounder. 

"If you can get a player you like and get a third-round pick, you'd think we've had a very successful draft," Spielman said. "But there are players we have already talked about that, if he's sitting there at 12, we're not going to move. We're going to take that player because we think he's that significant of a player that we wouldn't want to trade out."

With the Vikings still working under the policies dictated by the NFL when the lockout started, the team isn't talking to teams about trades or potential free agents, meaning its quarterback situation is still very much up in the air. Right now, Joe Webb and Rhett Bomar would be the two quarterbacks on the roster.

Although Frazier voiced confidence in Webb, there is little chance he will be the Vikings' starting quarterback. There have been rumors the team is going to pursue veteran Donovan McNabb, who currently is with the Washington Redskins.

Spielman denied the Vikings are pursuing McNabb -- a move that would not be legal. "We’re not saying anything because we can’t talk about a player on another roster and we can’t do any business and I know we haven’t," Spielman said. "We haven’t even discussed it.”

Frazier has made it clear his preference would be to go with a young quarterback, if that's possible.

“When I said earlier about ideally being able to draft a guy and develop him, that would be the ideal situation," Frazier said. "I referenced a couple of guys, three guys, that have done it in the last couple of years – [Mark] Sanchez, [Joe] Flacco and Matt Ryan down in Atlanta – and hopefully that will be the case for us, but who knows who is going to be there at 12 and if the guy we want is going to be there at 12 or not. Who knows?

"We’ll have to wait and see what happens and play it by ear from that point on. ... You really can’t get into speculation about other people’s players at other teams, so you can’t even go down that road. Hopefully things will fall how they should for the Minnesota Vikings at 12 or whatever pick we use.”

Finally, Spielman was asked about a report that the Vikings are in talks with Cleveland about trading out of the first round. The Vikings reportedly would get a first-round pick from the Browns in 2012 and a second-rounder this year.

“I’m never going to rule anything out," Spielman said when asked if he would deal out of the opening round. "If it’s that significant of [deal] … where you say, ‘Man, look at what we could potentially have …’ But you’ve also got to weigh in what you need, too, and how bad would you hurt your football team this year. But I would never rule anything out.”


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