With Madison Guebert on the perimeter, Eastview doesn't have much to worry about. The sophomore guard scored 30 points, 24 in the first half, as the Lightning cruised past Eagan 71-51 on Friday night in Apple Valley.

The game's first field goal was one of five three-pointers for Guebert in the South Suburban Conference matchup. Her shot only got better: She entered halftime with more points than Eagan's 20 total.

"Not like that," Guebert said in response to if she had ever been so efficient in a first half.

Guebert credited the hot hand to extra work this week to break a poor shooting streak.

"My shot had been off a couple games, so I was working to get it back," she said. "I'm happy with where it's at."

The maturity of Guebert has helped put Eastview near the top of the Class 4A rankings (No. 3) with a 17-1 record. Her age isn't a factor when on the court, operating at a level that would be advanced for many seniors.

While Eagan failed to limit her looks in the first half, she made nine field goals. When Eagan revamped its defense to slow her down in the second half, she distributed the ball and was content with one field goal.

Tyra Johnson became the beneficiary of the Lightning's ability to adjust. The senior forward scored 10 of her 20 points in the second half, helping to take the load off Guebert.

"It's nice to know anyone on the team can get the ball and do something with it," Johnson said. "The second half was a perfect example of that. The whole team contributes when there is a lot pressure on her."

Eagan's defensive adjustments paid off. The Wildcats (11-6) won the second half 31-26, but their first-half deficit was too large; they trailed by double figures since six minutes into the game.

Bryn Parsons scored 18 and Sammie Delzotto 14 to lead the Wildcats.

Before landing in the meat of its conference schedule, Eagan had strung together eight victories over nine games. Now the Wildcats are stuck in a three-game losing streak with back-to-back losses to two of the state's top three teams.

"For a couple of games, we've had a bad first half and then we get back into it," said Eagan guard Olivia Weinberger, who grew up playing against Guebert. "We played a lot better defense in the second half, but [Guebert] shot really good tonight, and that hurt us."