A ‘Woman’ scorned

Although the sisterhood romp “The Other Woman” — starring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton — nibbles around the edges of revealing truths about relationships, it leaves most of that potential behind, instead pursuing easy, exhausted cliches about zest-less marriages, upper-class suburban drudgery, cynical careerism and dumb-but-sweet blondes. Supermodel Upton might not be able to act her way out of a paper bag, but the filmmakers are counting on viewers not looking at the bag.

Somewhere inside the story’s tasteful interiors, posh seaside locales and slapstick stridency, there is a decent movie about female competition and friendship. Instead, viewers are treated to a movie as generic and forgettable as the sofa-size art on its characters’ walls.

The DVD (Fox, $30) includes a gag reel. The Blu-ray ($40) adds deleted scenes.

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Colin Covert says: This is an escapist women’s empowerment comedy like many others, but elevated by the simple virtue of being, for most of its length, very, very funny.


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Dock offers flexibility

Keeping up with nightstand docks and the right connection is costly as companies change the way they are charged and powered up. The iHome iDL46 Dual Charging Stereo FM Clock Radio ($100, www. ) with a top-sided Lightning Dock is built with an Apple Lightning connection, but the back side USB port makes it compatible with virtually every other USB charging electronic gadget.

Products by iHome have a great reputation, and the iDL46 does nothing but continue that with its ability to charge two devices at once along with great sound. The sound comes from a pair of front-facing speakers covered by a cloth grille. Features include a battery backup to keep the time running in the event of a power loss.

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Top 10 handheld games

1. “Shovel Knight”

2. “Child of Light”

3. “Kirby: Triple Deluxe”

4. “Mario Golf: World Tour”

5. “1001 Spikes”

6. “Ratchet & Clank Collection”

7. “The Sly Collection”

8. “Borderlands 2”

9. “Tomodachi Life”

10. “God of War Collection”

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