• The judges reversed themselves on whether a Republican recount official can testify about alleged double-counting of votes. On Wednesday, they struck her testimony after learning that Coleman's lawyers had failed to share with the Franken side notes she had written. But Thursday, they ruled that was an oversight. The witness will retake the stand today.

• Minneapolis elections official Cindy Reichert answered questions about alleged double-counting of ballots and missing ballots. Coleman's lawyers got her to agree that there are uncertainties about the missing ballots. Franken's lawyers got her to agree that double counting is not the only possible explanation of mismatches in ballot counts.

• The court ordered county officials to inspect the secrecy envelopes containing 1,531 rejected absentee ballots. They are to determine whether a voter registration application was mistakenly enclosed there. The court ordered officials to report their findings and to be prepared to send the ballots to a central location for review, should it decide to conduct one.

Up next: The trial resumes at 9 a.m. today.