Some musicians have finished songs by the late Woody Guthrie and Johnny Cash. But the Secret Sisters, the old-timey Alabama duo who come across like the Everly Sisters, got to complete a Bob Dylan song – and they’ve included it on their new album, “Put Your Needle Down.”

Their producer, T Bone Burnett, hooked them up with some demos from Dylan, which were from the 1980s..

Laura Rogers explained to how she and her sister Lydia had such surreal luck and ended up with a song that Dylan co-wrote called “Dirty Lie.”

"We were in the middle of our recording session with T Bone and he said to us, 'Bob sent over some songs for you guys to listen to and choose one to finish.  It was the weirdest thing ever to even be considered to finish it in a way that even remotely measures up to what he is known for. So we looked at four or five demos he’d sent, and ['Dirty Lie'] really spoke to us."

It took the Secret Sisters about two hours to finish the tune.

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