Delmon Young has never been known for plate discipline. That applies now, we suppose, to off-the-field matters after the Phillies included weight incentives in his recent one-year contract.


We're more concerned, though, with what happens at home plate. And so, too, are the good folks at Fangraphs, where a tortured soul spent a LOT of time looking up facts and figures while also creating .gif files of Delmon Young striking out looking.

He has taken a called third strike exactly 53 times in his career. That is not very many. In 2012, he took a called strike 3 exactly four times.

Some of you might thing this is wonderful, that he gets his hacks in. You are wrong. This is not good because it means he really doesn't have much of a plan or a strike zone concept up at the plate.

In any event, here is a link to the post as well as the .gif files of the four backwards K's in 2012.

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