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I bet you liked your job before Monday came along...#ProverbialMonday:

Every week we'll start off with our "highs and lows" and get into some important societal survival skills and general goings on of the TwinCities and neighboring communities with news about the rest of the world here and there. Participation is simple. Just give us your highs and lows either in the comments of the article or on twitter by trending #ProverbialMonday or tweeting to me @ProverbTribune.

High: Vibe Magazine is following me on Twitter so I feel just a little more important

Low: These storms keep interrupting the sunny days.

*** Where are you headed? ***

Imagine yourself driving 80mph down a seven lane expressway into the sunrise. Its 6:00am. You've been awake for thirty-six hours but  your desire to reach your destination far out weighs your natural urge to shut your eyes. You're alone, you're very successful. You ride in your favorite car custom tailored to fit you and all you care to have. As you apply more pressure to the gas pedal take a look at your reflection in the rearview mirror. Where are you headed?

What is it that you would continue to work for after you've found financial stability and success in your career. What personal goals do you have that can't be fulfilled with large amounts of money sitting in your bank account?

Once you realize the answers to those questions you begin to realize how much stress you put on having more money without realizing that no matter how much money you have you will not have attained your greatest aspirations without focusing directly on them.

Open Road

Open Road


Just a thought.


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