So here's a summary of a crazy story from the Louisville Courier-Journal:

Two pro wrestlers walk into the ring. One of them -- John Levi Miller -- thinks the plan is for him to win. The other one, according to Miller, vaguely says he knows what the plan is. But then the one who is supposed to lose -- Clinton Woosely, stage name Guido Andretti -- kicks the other man in the groin, rupturing his testicle and causing the match to stop. The kicked man has since filed a lawsuit.

When you are done saying, "Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow," we can proceed. From the story:

The suit said that Miller, 23, was designated in advance by Cosby to win the match and that Woosley was designated as the “heel” or loser.  ... But Woosley decided to try to win by kicking Miller. Miller went down and the match was called when he couldn’t proceed, according to the suit. “Kicking someone between the legs is not a normal dance move in professional wrestling,” said Miller’s lawyer, Larry Wilder of Jeffersonville. Wilder said that after the match, Miller’s brother drove him home while Miller tried to stem the swelling with ice packs. When the swelling continued, he went the next day to Clark Memorial Hospital, where he underwent surgery that day, Wilder said. He was hospitalized and doctors decided to remove the testicle. Cosby said in an interview that the facts mentioned in the suit are erroneous because Miller finished the match and won it, as scripted. He said there was no indication that Miller was injured. “The kid never complained about nothing,” Cosby said.

This is all very confusing, amusing and harrowing at once.

But we can all agree about this, right: The statute of limitations for suing Jack Black over non-entertainment in "Nacho Libre," an awful movie our mind, has not yet run out.

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