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12 tips for do-it-yourself garage organization

  • Article by: Alison Sherwood
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • July 5, 2014 - 2:00 PM

Looking to maximize garage storage space and organize your junk? Here are some DIY tips:

1. Store sports balls using bungee cords:

2. Separate your garage into zones. Keep sports equipment, gardening accessories, power tools and kids’ toys each in their own area of the garage.

3. Install slatwall panels. This allows you to hang and rearrange hooks and baskets.

4. Get things off the ground. Use a storage system or build shelves to clear floor space.

5. Store your wheelbarrow on the wall. This tutorial provides an easy DIY solution for keeping a space hog like a wheelbarrow off the ground:

6. Turn a file cabinet into storage. Keep your garden and yardwork tools organized using an old file cabinet. Here’s a tutorial on how to convert it:

7. Turn an old metal rake into garden hooks. The head of an old metal rake makes a simple, stylish rack for garden tools.

8. Screw organization. Keep your screws organized with this clever storage idea that uses dead space underneath a cabinet or shelf:

9. Use old furniture you might not traditionally keep in a garage. The combination of an old desk and cabinet can save space and help you keep things organized while providing a flat work surface.

10. Hide clutter in easy-to-access bins. Cube storage units are ideal for stowing shoes, sports equipment, tools or miscellaneous items that can clutter your garage but need to be available for easy access. See options at

11. Build a bike rack. Bikes can be a storage nightmare, especially when they go in and out of the garage every day. A simple DIY bike rack can keep them in place. Here’s how to build it:

12. Build a tool rack. These DIY hooks are cheap and simple to build on your own. All you need are nails and a board:

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