Last-minute Mom's Day Metrodome gift ideas

  • Blog Post by: Rochelle Olson
  • May 9, 2014 - 10:55 AM

Hey Metrodome Mourners,  it's not too late to get a piece of your favorite stadium. "Crowdcut" is offering half-off package deals just in time for Mother's or Father's Day. Perhaps that college graduate would like a dome seat to decorate the new apartment or the spare bedroom at mom's house.

The deals start at $35 and are offered at three levels. Lots of memorabilia can be had. Tops and bottoms are available. A Metrodome seat top comes with a number on it. If you'd prefer a bottom, you get no number, but you do get authentication. Crowdcut touts the seats as "perfect for autographs with a silver Sharpie."

You can get a piece of the turf, the roof or a 3"x3" "piece of "Game Used Locker Room." (Doesn't appear the locker's users will be specified. Absent DNA testing, you won't know whether you've got a piece of Adrian Peterson, Brett Favre or Dimitrius Underwood.)

All pieces come with COA, certificate of authenticity. Shipping is extra and ranges from $6 to $10.

Remember: You don't have to be a sports fan to want a hunk of the Dome. Perhaps you have fond memories of that late 1980s Rolling Stones concert or you met your spouse at a Monster Truck Jam.

Meanwhile, the new Minnesota Multipurpose Stadium is climbing fast on the Dome site. Work is starting to be visible above the fence-line. It's only gonna get higher, folks.

Also, if you're looking for a little something for that special Strib reporter in your life, a Duluth Pack Metrodome roof purse would make her (briefly) happy.!3989!10!3266181170!30358477735&ef_id=UlWYkQAAAYveoyib:20140509154904:s

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