Chart: Scouting Twins pitching prospects in Arizona

  • November 12, 2013 - 10:03 PM

AFL Scouting Reports

Four Twins pitching prospects are playing for the Glendale Desert Dogs in the Arizona Fall League. Here’s their AFL stats and how they have looked, with comments by scouts observing them:

A.J. Achter

4.09 ERA, 11 IP, 3 BB,

10 K, 1 HR

“Love how he’s always around the plate with all his pitches. This league could use more strike-throwers like him. Looks a little tired, and he’s not a blazing fastball guy, so he’s getting hit. But he’s smart, gets out of trouble. If he was lefthanded, he’d be in the majors already.”

Alex Meyer

2.74 ERA, 23 IP, 6 BB,

25 K, 2 HR

“He’s learned to use his size. Nice, easy delivery, and the ball comes from so high up. That fastball climbs to 98 [mph] now, and it’s got a little jump to it, but his breaking pitches are better, too. The time off [in July and August] probably helped him, because he looks fresh. He has the look of a star.”

Zack Jones

18.00 ERA, 6 IP, 9 BB,

9 K, 3 HR

“He’s more of a thrower than a pitcher right now, but that’s no big surprise for a guy still at Class A. His first game was terrible, so I’m sure his confidence took a beating, too. He’s throwing hard, but not getting regular work is hurting his control.”

Trevor May

3.46 ERA, 13 IP, 4 BB,

12 K, 1 HR

“All business out there. He’s throwing a bigger variety of pitches than most guys here, so even though he’s not getting as many innings as he’s used to, he’s using the time well. He’s been great coming out of the pen, but the Twins need him to remain a starter.”

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