Seven-percent Solution - to Boredom!

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  • November 4, 2013 - 1:33 PM

Laptop has 7% power. Can I find some stuff before it goes bone dry? Let’s see:

HISTORY New theory on King Tut’s last days: run over by a chariot, then burned to a crisp after his coffin was sealed. I don’t think you want to be the guy who sets the king on fire after he’s been carefully mummified and sent on his journey to have his soul weighed. Best case scenario, you never work again.

WE IS THE NEW YOU New Category: Web headline, or cry for help?

TIME WASTER The GIPHY dance party. Make your own. Experience meme manipulation; marvel at the placement options; resize played-out characters; wonder why life has lost its sweet flavor

EDWARDIAN LOOS Men, have you ever wondered what it might have been like to void your bladder in the times of Sherlock Holmes? Wonder no more. From Atlas Obscura:

Built in 1899 these public conveniences by the pier in Rothesay on the Scottish island of Bute are perhaps the most complete Victorian toilets to remain in Britain.

PIctures here. Gorgeous. 

VIDEO Driver A: “Well, I passed that guy, so I don’t have to worry anymore. I can’t believe people still text while driving at highway speed.” Driver B: “I’ll just reach down here and get the CD that fell on the floor.” Driver C: “I’ll just keep proceeding at the same speed until this really seems to be serious.”

Finally: Ladeeees and Gennelmen, let’s all give a big Denver welcome from ROCKY!!!!!

As Liveleak explains:

During the pre-game ceremony before Friday night's home opener the mascot for the Denver Nuggets - Rocky - was supposed to be lowered from the ceiling to center court for a dramatic entrance. But the man inside the mascot passed out. When he was lowered from the ceiling Rocky was limp and lifeless and crumpled to the floor, horrifying fans. To make matters worse, the cable (which was attached to a harness around Rocky's torso) made it appear that Rocky was hanging by his neck. Medical staff tended to the actor and he was able to walk off under his own power.

Whew. Okay, 2 percent battery power. Time to post and before I have to do something cliched like end the post in the middle of a sentence. Which I won't do. One percent! Man, this is cutting it close. But I will not end in the middle of a sentence, which doesn't make sense. Doesn't work that way. Annnnnnd. . . .POST.

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