Forecasting Success With Analytics

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  • September 4, 2013 - 3:57 PM

Would seeing into the future help increase your marketing and advertising success? What if you could read your customers' minds or, at least, better predict future behaviors and preferences? With today's research data, this kind of insight and predictive intelligence is not only possible it's science-based and available from Star Tribune. 

Star Tribune's robust Market and Customer Analytics capabilities bring you thorough examinations of current and future trade area opportunities along with highly detailed pictures of existing and prospective customers. 

Using proprietary, licensed and public domain data, our Market and Customer Analytics services provide extensive reports and analysis to fuel better marketing decisions today and in the years to come. By intersecting geographic data with a wide range of datasets spanning demographics, behavioral factors, marketplace forecasts, census insights and more, Star Tribune compiles useful business intelligence based on solid research. But more importantly, we help you navigate the numbers by distilling the information into actionable solutions and insights that help you achieve your marketing goals. 

With our Market and Customer Analytics capabilities, you can:

  • Define your trade area by customer behaviors, influences and preferences. 
  • Profile existing customers using the Tapestry segmentation system to improve targeted marketing efforts. 
  • Identify new prospects by overlapping existing customer profiles with geographic data.
  • Evaluate competitors' locations to identify underserved trade areas and expansion opportunities.
  • Conduct site selection analysis to choose locations aligned with growth trends.
  • Improve sales territory design for more balanced responsibilities and coverage. 
  • Optimize your media plan to deliver more results. 

Get the knowledge you need to better understand your customers, your prospects, your marketplace and the untapped opportunities on the horizon. Chart a comprehensive course for action with the high performance Market and Customer Analytics capabilities of Star Tribune. 

Let our intelligent forecasting drive your business success. Contact: Mike Maslow, 612.673.4106

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