The current Minnesota Department of Human Services Sex Offender Program building in Moose Lake in 2006.

Elizabeth Flores, Star Tribune

Letter of the Day (April 6-7): Minnesota Sex Offender Program

  • April 6, 2013 - 11:57 AM

We wish to thank the Star Tribune for its thoughtful and timely editorial on Minnesota’s Sex Offender Program (“Offender program needs calm reform,” March 31).

We’re the grandparents of a young person, civilly committed at age 20 for offenses committed as a youth. He’s 27 now, and we want hope where there has been none previously.

There is no respectable treatment, no reevaluation of “clients,” no way to move forward to a less restrictive setting. There isn’t even meaningful, productive work in the program. What a waste of human potential! What a waste of state resources!

Let’s encourage lawmakers to be brave and bold in taking action to help those caught in the state’s sex offender system.

Abby and Ken Dawkins, St. Paul

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