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Letter of the Day (March 16): Health exchange

  • March 16, 2013 - 7:59 AM

Thanks to Audrey Britton of Small Business Minnesota for her commentary “State has to get its health exchange right” (March 11). Minnesota has a chance to give more employees, small businesses, sole proprietors, entrepreneurs and individuals the comfort of knowing that health care will be there when needed.

The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce doesn’t represent small business. It represents large corporate interests in our state, including the health insurance companies. These insurance companies or HMOs managing both public and private plans are raking in profits enough to build new headquarters and pay the salaries, expenses and perks for their lobbyists who roam the halls of the State Capitol and the offices of our elected representatives.

You need to call and visit your representatives and say, “We want an exchange centered around people, not insurance companies.”

Ann Marie Metzger, Woodbury

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