Hyperemesis gravidarum. You know, morning sickness ...

  • Blog Post by: Jeremy Olson
  • December 7, 2012 - 1:22 PM

The occasion of a princess being hospitalized for severe morning sickness -- which brings about the risk of dehydration and other complications -- sure brought up a lot of jokes. Take a comment in a recent Gawker article on the hospital admission of pregnant Princess Kate Middleton:

"The Palace also reported that Kate was admitted to the hospital today with “hyperemesis gravidarum,” which is what they call regular old morning sickness when you are a princess."

Kinda funny. Of course, the crack is belittling to women who suffer from this condition and have such bad pregnancy-induced nausea that serious health problems are possible. But I digress. I'll let this CNN article on the condition and this first-person account of a husband with an ill wife do the explaining.

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