It was a long night for Twins fans in 1993 (reprinted from Sept. 2, 1993)

  • Article by: HOWARD SINKER
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  • April 18, 2008 - 2:45 PM


Nice place to spend the honeymoon, huh?     

"We got here about 5:30 - came for batting practice, the food,
all that," said Bob Huot of Thief River Falls.

"We got to town Monday night," Kathy Huot added. "Got married
this past Saturday. Pretty much came down here for some rest and


The words came while they stood in the Metrodome concourse
early Wednesday morning, a couple of minutes after Pedro Munoz's
22nd-inning home run gave the Twins a 5-4 victory over Cleveland.

By then, Kathy's 7-year-old son, Craig, was asleep in Bob's
arms. It was the second major league game of the youngster's life.

It'll count for two. Almost two-and-a-half.

"He was pretty pumped," Bob Huot said. "He was going with the
crowd pretty good until the 15th or 16th inning. Then he kind of
fell asleep. He woke at the end and was pretty mad that he missed


The Huots and about 1,500 others in the announced crowd of
17,968 made it through the entire evening.  Steve Krzmarzick has a
scorecard for proof – 18 innings on one page, the final four on the
next - and a call to co-workers that he was blowing off his plan to
come in for a few hours on his night off to help out at the
supermarket where he works.


 "They said, `Are you at the game?' I held up the phone so they
could hear," Krzmarzick said.


If Aaron Crawford and Scott Danielowski tell people they saw
the whole thing, they'll be lying. The 24-year-olds came over when
First Avenue closed.


 "There was nobody at the gate," Crawford said.


 "I knew that after the eighth inning they usually don't stop
people from coming in," Danielowski said. "So who would stop us in
the 21st?"


Jim Kanyusik, a Twins employee, worked at the Fan
Accommodations Office until the very end - although he sneaked into
the box-seat area from time to time when the game got real old.


 "Some of the ushers had to leave because they have kids, or
they had to catch a bus," Kanyusik said from behind third base.
"Last time I checked, there were about five people in the outfield.
The rest of 'em moved down here. This is pretty incredible."


 The Huots know they'll have a good story when they return to
their northwestern Minnesota home.

In case anyone has the nerve to
doubt that a couple of newlyweds would watch a 377-minute baseball
game, they'll have pictures for proof.


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