Chart: Vikings' wishful thinking in free agency

  • March 13, 2012 - 6:13 AM


As the Vikings make efforts to upgrade the talent on their roster, especially at receiver and in the secondary, here are five big-name free agents they might try to woo this week.


Why it makes sense: For an offense in need of a deep threat, Jackson's career 17.5 yards per catch average is appealing.

Why it won't happen: Jackson will have plenty of teams calling, most of whom are closer to a Super Bowl than the Vikings. Look for New England, Chicago and San Francisco to be interested.


Why it makes sense: He would bring physicality and swagger to an anemic secondary that allowed 34 TD passes with only eight interceptions in 2011.

Why it won't happen: Reports surfaced late last week that Finnegan was hoping to sign with the same team Jackson did -- which would come at a cost that the Vikings might not want to dish out.


Why it makes sense: Carr is talented, young (25), still developing and able to excel within the structure of a zone-oriented defense like the Vikings will run.

Why it won't happen: Having started 64 games in his four years in Kansas City, Carr might be looking for All-Pro-type money that exceeds his true worth. MARQUES COLSTON, WR

Why it makes sense: Has averaged five catches and 73 yards per game during his first six NFL seasons.

Why it won't happen: There's widespread belief Colston's prolific stats are largely because of his fit with Drew Brees in New Orleans' high-octane offense. All potential suitors -- and Colston himself -- will give that considerable thought.


Why it makes sense: Bottom line: He's a playmaker. Landry is versatile, instinctive against the pass and solid in run support.

Why it won't happen: Caveat emptor: Landry missed seven games in 2010 and eight more last season because of an Achilles' tendon injury.

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