Big Ten admits officiating error near end of Gophers/Virginia Tech game

  • Blog Post by: Michael Rand
  • December 2, 2011 - 2:01 PM

The Big Ten just sent out the following release:

The Big Ten Conference announced today that it has disciplined a men's basketball official for misapplying a rule in the final seconds of the Virginia Tech-Minnesota game played on Wednesday evening.  The misapplication of Rule 4 Section 3, back court/front court, occurred with 9.9 seconds remaining in regulation. We regret that the error occurred.

On the play, a Virginia Tech inbounds pass caromed off a Hokies player in the front court -- without touching a Minnesota player -- and went into the back court. A backcourt violation was called, giving the Gophers the ball. They held a 56-55 lead at the time and went on to win 58-55. The call deprived Virginia Tech its best chance at winning at the buzzer.

The misapplication appears to refer specifically to this part of Rule 4, Section 3 of the NCAA rulebook:

Art. 5. Regardless of where the throw-in spot is located, the throw-in team may cause the ball to go into the back court.
Art. 6. After the throw-in ends, an inbounds player in the front court, who is not in control of the ball, may cause the ball to go into the back court

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