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Senior car buyers prefer the old faves

  • Article by: JEFF STRICKLER
  • Star Tribune
  • November 27, 2011 - 5:11 PM

A tally of the most-popular cars bought by people 65 and over has revealed -- to the surprise of no one who has driven in south Florida -- that the top 10 list is dominated by Cadillacs, Lincolns and Buicks.

Without that support from seniors, who account for up to 90 percent of the sales for some models, many of the cars on the list would have to be scrapped.

The numbers, which were compiled by, tracked sales during the past two years. In a statement accompanying the list, analyst Jesse Toprak said that seniors tend to stick to cars they know from when they were younger.

Bucking the familiarity trend was a Hyundai. Although the Korean-made car isn't an old favorite, Toprak said the relatively low price -- as little as half of some of the others -- accounts for its popularity.

The Hyundai, which finished sixth on the list, also was the exception in that it doesn't rely almost entirely on seniors to keep afloat. The five cars above it on the list would be out of business without older buyers.

Here's the list, followed by the percentages of each car that are bought by seniors:

1. Lincoln Town Car, 90 percent

2. Buick Lucerne, 87 percent

3. Cadillac DTS, 85 percent

4. Cadillac CTS, 74 percent

5. Cadillac STS, 71 percent

6. Hyundai Azera, 25 percent

7. Chevrolet Impala, 51 percent

8. Buick Lacrosse, 59 percent

9. Lincoln MKZ, 54 percent

10. Toyota Avalon, 54 percent.

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