RSS: Frequently Asked Questions

  • May 7, 2018 - 8:19 AM

Q: What is RSS?
A: RSS, short for "Really Simple Syndication," is a way of having headlines, story summaries, and links to full-length articles delivered to your desktop, or added to your blog or Web site. gathers the content you select from our list of RSS feeds and displays it for you in one convenient location.

Q: Why should I use RSS?
A: Because it's a simple way to receive timely news from It's also customizable - that way, you're receiving headlines from subjects that interest you.

Q: What types of RSS feeds does produce?
A: produces six categories of RSS feeds, and a number of different feeds for each category. You can see all of our RSS feeds on each of the pages below.

Q: What is an RSS reader, and where can I download one for my computer?
A: A news reader (or aggregator) is the application used to view headlines via RSS. To download a news reader, select any number of readers or aggregators for free download through the following site:

Q: How do I add a RSS feed to my reader?
A: To subscribe, look for the orange RSS graphic on this page and elsewhere on the site. Mouse over the image, right-click, and copy the URL. (Choose "Copy Shortcut" for Internet Explorer, "Copy Link Location" for Firefox/Mozilla and Netscape, or "Copy Link Address" for Opera). In your news reader, select the option that adds a new feed or channel, then paste in the URL and click OK.

Q: I publish a non-commercial blog and/or Web site - can I use's RSS feeds?
A: Yes,'s RSS feeds are available for non-commercial purposes, and can be used without the written consent of To familiarize yourself with our syndication policy, please click here.

Q: I am associated with a commercial Web site or blog - can I use's RSS feeds?
A: Yes, though we require proper format and attribution whenever the headlines are posted on your Web site, and we reserve the right to require that you cease distributing content. Please read the complete Terms and Conditions.

Click here for more information on RSS.

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