Over the rain barrel

  • Blog Post by: $author
  • May 12, 2011 - 8:32 AM


All this rain, and me with no rain barrel.


I'm behind the curve on rain barrels, partly because I'm not sure which one to choose, partly because many of them seem to cost a lot so I want to research them carefully first, and then, of course, there's inertia.

Initially I was kind of put off by the looks of them, except those handsome wood barrels that seem to cost heaven and earth. But now I'm seeing a lot more attractive options, some with slightly less scary prices. (Although I'm so not buying the one I saw in a catalog recently that's supposed to look like a landscaping rock but looks more like a cheesy prop from a 1960s B sci fi movie.)

I need help from rain barrel veterans to overcome my indecision and inertia: Has it been worth the effort? What size do I need for a house with a smallish roof area? Any tips for setting them up that I should watch out for? And did you buy yours or go for DIY?

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