Short take: Twins and WI-FI? I'll tweet to that!

  • Article by: SCOTT GILLESPIE
  • Star Tribune
  • April 4, 2011 - 9:51 PM

We've become a society of multitaskers, seemingly unable to be happy without the constant presence of technology in our lives.

We text while we drive, tweet while we eat and fire up laptops while camping in state parks.

"You and the kids go ahead and get in the canoe, honey. Johnson is having some problems opening that spreadsheet I sent him last night while we were making s'mores."

The Minnesota Twins open their home season on Friday, and no doubt some fans are thrilled at the prospect of tapping into the new Wi-Fi and improved cell phone service at Target Field.

"The Twins will provide fans at Target Field with free Wi-Fi Internet service through its 'TwiFi' network, resulting in enhanced capacity and speed on portable or hand-held devices," the team said in announcing the service.

So now we'll be able to watch the Twins on our iPhones while we watch the Twins. What a great country.

Count me among those who could live without a fully digital diamond experience.

I enjoy tech gadgets more than the next guy and have a garage full of early-adapter models to prove it.

Steve Jobs got the first iPod off the assembly line and I got the second -- about a six-pound white brick that stored 10 songs. I keep it in the same box with my Betamax VCR.

But why do we need more "capacity and speed on portable or hand-held devices'' at a Twins game?

I admit that baseball can be tedious, with limited amounts of action breaking out between bouts of spitting and scratching. But that's what makes the game unique.

Target Field already had plenty of amenities to keep restless fans occupied, from the pro shop to the dozens of bars, restaurants and club areas.

A few favorites, such as the Captain Morgan-themed deck overlooking left field, even allow patrons to watch what's happening on the field.

With TwiFi, you'll be able to enjoy your iPad with a rum and coke. Who'll have time for the game?

Minnesotans seemed sold on the idea of outdoor baseball even before the Twins decided to create the Midwest's largest Internet cafe.

Fans appeared satisfied with fresh air, real grass and some occasional sun -- and the bars and restaurants, of course. But that was all so 2010.

So enjoy the new season and have a ball with TwiFi, if you must. But please drink and surf responsibly.


Scott Gillespie is the Star Tribune's editorial page editor.

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