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Rep. Keith Ellison, former Bernie supporter, to spin for Clinton at debate

WASHINGTON -- Rep. Keith Ellison will be in Hillary Clinton's spin room at Hofstra University tonight.

Ellison, a former Bernie Sanders supporter, will travel to New York to be apart of the mob of Clinton supporters who "spin" her win to reporters before and after the debate. Those in the spin room also take down high moments for Donald Trump and "fact-check" whatever he says, spinning one-liners into positive moments for Clinton.

Trump was known during the GOP primary debates to visit the spin room himself and promote his appearance to reporters, though it is highly unlikely he will do that tonight.

Sen. Klobuchar raps to 'Hamilton' producer, requests show go to MN

WASHINGTON -- Sen. Amy Klobuchar took advantage of the appearance of "Hamilton" producer Jeffrey Seller on the Commerce Committee to push for the famous hip hop musical's traveling show to come to Minnesota.

Klobuchar submitted a rap:

How does a Great-Laked, north state, home of a Prince and some

Gophers, nice, in that we're always so

Polite, the might of good Midwesterners, by watchfulnees

So populous with fanfare

Get Hamilton the musical to tour there?

Mr. Seller, do not throw away Minnesota's shot.

Seiler was appearing last week to talk about the effect of "bots" on Hamilton ticket prices. Klobuchar has a bill on banning the use of ticket bots. It passed out of committee last week.