Minneapolis police ordered Occupy movement activists to take down their tents at a downtown plaza on Saturday night, causing protesters to march through busy streets and block traffic. Later, police arrested about 15 people for public nuisance and impeding traffic.

Activists scurried from Peavey Plaza near Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis, carrying tents and stopping cars from moving across the intersection of 10th Street and Nicollet Mall.

"Who is scared? Never scared. Occupy everywhere," the demonstrators chanted, as some cars honked in support, while other drivers offered icy stares.

The group of roughly 60 people eventually reassembled at Loring Park, where they had also set up a gathering spot. The group said they believe others will join their movement to speak out against corporate greed and income disparities.

"With the laws we currently have, there are injustices happening, including foreclosures and fraud at the highest echelons of power," said Elias LaVelle, a 28-year-old custodial maintenance worker and artist.

Police had asked the activists to dismantle their tents at Peavey Plaza because it violated a city public nuisance ordinance.

By around 8 p.m., police ordered the tents come down. After the protesters marched, police made their arrests.

"They were blocking traffic and refusing to disperse," said Sgt. Steve McCarty.

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