Jumping on the bandwagon - and hitting its head, because you can’t judge distance when you’re wearing those stupid glasses - Playboy will have a 3D pictorial:

The magazine's June edition hits newsstands Friday equipped with 3-D glasses. Now the toy that has kids dodging dragons, meatballs and tall blue aliens at the movies will help adults focus on what is, at first glance, a very blurry Playmate of the Year.

Sports Illustrated tried this a few years ago with the swimsuit issue. They don’t do it anymore, because it looked like a printing error. Not to say 3D doesn’t have its appeal; Disney has some wonderful 3D shows at its parks, and the glasses don’t feel like something you cut out of the back of a cereal box. But as long as you have to wear glasses, the ordinary world, known as “naturally occurring 3D,” still has its advantages.

So, do the glasses work? Well, it does kind of look like Dworaczyk is handing you the wine glass she's holding. And she says the photograph makes everything a little, well, bigger. "It's kind of like it says on the rearview mirror," Dworaczyk joked. "Things may appear larger."

Actually, it says that things may appear closer than they actually are. You’d think that would be a good selling point, since for some this is as close to a Playmate as they’ll get. But “Incrementally Less Unattainable” is not a particularly strong selling point.

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