From boardroom -- to cell block

Some of the better-known executives sent to prison for fraud or other crimes:

Bernard Ebbers, WorldCom CEO, 25 years for fraud and conspiracy. Loss: $180 billion.

Hal Greenwood Jr., Midwest Federal Savings and Loan chairman and CEO, 46 months for racketeering and conspiracy. Loss: $1.2 billion.

Dennis Kozlowski, Tyco CEO, eight years and four months for tax and stock fraud. Loss: $400 million.

Bernard Madoff, investment adviser, 150 years for fraud, money laundering, false statements and perjury. Loss: $65 billion.

John Rigas, Adelphia CEO, 15 years for wire and securities fraud. Loss: $3.1 billion.

Jeff Skilling, Enron CEO, 24 years and four months for insider trading, securities fraud and false statements. Loss: 20,000 jobs and $60 billion in stock value.

David Phelps