Headquarters: Eden Prairie

Founded: September 2001 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit

Average annual receipts: $2.5 million

Major donor: Augustine Family Foundation, started by Minnesota businessman Scott Augustine and his wife, Sue, has contributed about $5 million since 2004.

Mission: To help Tanzania's AIDS orphans and vulnerable children become future leaders through education, technology research and business development.


• Peace House Secondary School: The $4-million campus opened in September 2007 and has 210 students attending the U.S. equivalent of sixth and seventh grades; when all grade levels are full, the school will house 700 students.

• Scholarships: Contributed $129,000 last year for school fees and direct support to about 500 Tanzanian students, some of them former street kids.

• Peace House Institute: Fundraising is underway to build a $6 million postsecondary training center on 50 acres adjacent to the secondary school. The institute's goal is to develop new technologies and create jobs by bringing in international researchers to work with Tanzanian students and business leaders.

Source: Peace House Africa