Imagine 5 years ago, if a poll of Packers fans had given three possible reactions to something related to Brett Favre. Now imagine if the highest number of responses supported the booing of the legendary QB.

Heck, imagine even 18 months ago.

But now is certainly not then. Favre is a Viking, to the delight of many Minnesotans and the disdain of many Wisconsinites. To wit: A Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel poll asked, If you're in the stands at Lambeau Field when Brett Favre is introduced, do you boo or cheer him? There are nearly 29,000 responses as of now.

45 percent say they would boo him.

35 percent say they would cheer him.

20 percent say they would do nothing.

Presumably, that last group is there for the booze, not the boos. Still, the idea that the largest cross-section of fans Sunday at Lambeau could be booing Brett Favre is something we never could have envisioned.

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