Our small record label, Recess Music, which creates compilation CDs for children centered on themes of environmental awareness and social empathy, has received an amazing amount of critical acclaim, and families tell us they love our albums. We’d like teachers to be aware of us. What are the best ways to reach one of our key targets: educators?

Elizabeth Frazier, Recess Music,



With about 3 million elementary and middle-school teachers in the United States, tapping into this market could represent significant revenue. However, many other companies from food products to software are competing for the same share of mind.

Teachers are continually being asked to do more with less, so getting their attention isn’t easy, and budgets for supplies haven’t been expanding.

Having a way such as iTunes that teachers can easily access and buy music is going to be a must for the business to grow.

Facebook is another opportunity; I noticed the Recess Music page has over 400 likes. There’s an opportunity to mobilize your supporters and ask them to spread the word to their friends who are teachers. You could also ask your “friends” for their ideas about reaching teachers. Four hundred brains are better than one! Remember, Facebook is about engagement and interaction, so invite your friends to participate and I bet you get some great ideas.

There are a variety of catalogs for teaching supplies and you could consider getting your products into one of those. Lakeshore Learning is one of the biggest, and is worth contacting.

Many teachers have summers off and could be looking for a way to supplement their income. Have you considered having teachers sell your products on a commission basis when school is not in session?

About the author: Glenn Karwoski, adjunct professor, Marketing Department, University of St. Thomas, Opus College of Business; senior vice president and managing director, Karwoski and Courage.