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Continued: Readers Write (Aug. 2): Marriage, NSA, driving dangers, LRT debate

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Don’t use 9/11 to justify ignoring Bill of Rights

It should be no surprise to anyone that the NSA has overstepped its proper role by keeping data on all American citizens. The juggernaut nature of broad, bureaucratic institutions and the national security frenzy following 9/11 made many ready to throw the Bill of Rights under the bus. The victims of 9/11 were no less heroic than the casualties of any of America’s battles, but their deaths should not be used as justification for redefining our country’s founding principles. That is the opposite conclusion to draw from their sacrifices. So many have died defending our rights. Let’s not diminish them through our reluctance to reign in the NSA to find a proper balance. None of their secret operations should ever be beyond congressional or judicial oversight.

BOB WORRALL, Roseville

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Traffic Dangers

Aggressive driving is making roads unsafe

The story on state traffic deaths was excellent, but as a downtown Minneapolis resident I can tell you that driving west on Interstate 394 presents much bigger problems than were reported (“State traffic deaths are on the rise again,” July 31).

Aggressive driving is on the rampage. Tailgating, passing when there isn’t room to pass safely, weaving in and out of lanes at top speed — not to mention slow drivers who stubbornly cling to the fast lane, causing frustrated drivers to weave recklessly in an effort to pass them.

Sadly, “Minnesota Nice” is long gone. Just try to enter a freeway or highway. Many drivers already on the road speed up so cars on the entry ramps can’t join them.

SHARON WALLER, Minneapolis

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If freight train stays, count on an exodus

Why would any resident of Cedar Lake Shores townhouses continue to live in Minneapolis if freight trains remain beside the proposed Southwest Corridor light-rail line (“Tension rises as light-rail call looms,” July 28)? We believed our city representatives when they assured us that the freight trains would be relocated. Now we read that they are about to compromise, while their suburban counterparts remain resolute. So if our townhouses are destroyed and we are forced to relocate instead of freight trains, then we 57 homeowners will take our eminent-domain payouts and our local taxes to those suburbs, where three or four trains a day through a football field are prized more dearly than existing homes. And this does not even address the destruction of a wonderful link joining the Midtown Greenway to the Kenilworth Trail that is the delight of bike riders throughout the area.


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