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Continued: Readers Write (July 30): Xcel Energy, scams, adoptions, race relations, bicycles, weather

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This reimbursement is what made adoption financially affordable for us. What this amounts to is nearly $700 more in taxes for my family. I am shocked that the Legislature has considered adoption reimbursement on the same level as income. Why would a state that prides itself in the care of its children and for promoting a strong social structure try to capitalize on something like adoption?


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Both blacks, whites need to face reality

The series of letters following Peter Bell’s commentary has been fascinating but certainly highlights the problem of people talking past each other (“Blacks must also look inward, at our culture,” July 23).

Why is it so difficult for all sides to accept their share of responsibility for the racial inequality in our country? Do blacks need to take more responsibility for their families and the prevalence of crime and poverty? Of course. But any white person who fails to see the difference between urban and suburban schools is either blind or not looking. How about the obvious differences in poverty between black vs. white neighborhoods? The disparity in the percentages of blacks vs. whites prosecuted for crimes and in our prison populations? The sentencing disparities?

We whites are disingenuous at best if we fail to acknowledge the centuries of unequal treatment of blacks and the obvious logical consequences. And we are criminally negligent if we fail to invest to reverse the effects of centuries of unequal treatment. But then, that’s business as usual in our country.


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With a little effort, we can keep roads safe

A letter writer recently wondered if cyclists using the main traffic lanes on West River Parkway in Minneapolis are “incredibly dense or are just trying to cause troubles for motorists,” or a “little of both.” I ride my bike on the parkway several times a week, all year round, to get a strenuous workout.

Most of us cyclists using the parkway are traveling much faster than the 10 mph speed limit on the adjoining trail. Though there are many other reasons, this is the main reason why cyclists like myself should not be on the trail. When I ride on the parkway, I see other bikers riding way too fast on the adjoining trail, endangering the safety of slower riders, Rollerbladers, etc. Apparently, they are trying to get a good workout, too, but don’t use the parkway because they are afraid of the motorists. That’s sad. It is a recreational parkway, not an expressway.

The worst thing a motorist can encounter is occasionally having to pass a slower cyclist, and sometimes having to wait until it is safe to do so because of an oncoming car. Live with it and deal with it. We can easily coexist without ruining each other’s day.

PAUL GLEASON, Minneapolis

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