The "Dancing Queens" -- from left, Michelle Barber, Kersten Rodau and Therese Walth -- at Chanhassen will be seeing that girl and watching that scene through at least next February in "Mamma Mia." /Rich Ryan

They'll be raking in at least five more months of "Money, Money, Money" at Chanhassen Dinner Theatres, which has extended the current production of "Mamma Mia" through Feb 22, 2020.

That will put "Mamma Mia," which has already sold more than 100,000 tickets since it opened Feb. 28, in rare company at Chanhassen. The Abba-inspired musical will become the longest-running mainstage show at Chan since "State Fair" wrapped up a 53-week stint in 1997. "Annie" holds the record for the longest mainstage run, which concluded after 56 weeks in 1984. "Crazy for You" and "Phantom" also enjoyed runs of about a year and, of course, the overall record at the theater is held by "I Do, I Do," which played -- with the same cast -- for more than 22 years (on a smaller stage).

Artistic director Michael Brindisi called re-upping the show, which also was a hit at the Ordway last year and become a smash Meryl Streep movie, "an easy decision," given the repeat business and enthusiasm of the super troupers in the Chanhassen company.

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