Ride along

Anyone who has stumbled across A&E’s “Live PD” late at night knows how easy it is to get hooked on watching law enforcement officials during their actual patrols, even when the most dramatic thing that happens on their shift is breaking up a domestic fight. Producer Dick Wolf is bringing the same general concept to a potentially wider audience with “First Responders Live,” hosted by Josh Elliott.

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Koy to the world

“Jo Koy: Comin’ in Hot” was shot in Hawaii, a smart setting for the stand-up special since much of the Filipino-American’s humor resonates most strongly with Asian-Americans. But even Minnesota Scandinavians will roar when the comic shares tales from his youth about trying to wrangle a 50-pound bag of rice into the family’s kitchen.

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Royal dish

Roya Nikkhah, royal correspondent for the Sunday Times, goes deep on “Meghan and Harry: The Baby Years,” asking the pressing questions of the day like whether the prince and Meghan Markle will dare to hire a “manny.”

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