No Good Deed

British actor Idris Elba won acclaim as gangster Stringer Bell in "The Wire," and went on to big-screen roles in action and superhero flicks, and as South African leader Nelson Mandela in "Long Walk to Freedom." Now, he goes all scary-bad again, as an escaped prisoner turned psychotic home invader in this thriller. Taraji Henson also stars. The studio announced this week that it would not screen the movie in advance because it didn't want to reveal a plot twist ahead of Friday's opening. We'll post a review when we can. Also opening this weekend, but not screened in advance for critics: "Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt?" (Eden Prairie, Oakdale, Southdale), the third movie in the series based on the Ayn Rand novel, and "The Wedding Video" (St. Anthony Main), a British nuptials-disaster comedy. CLAUDE PECK