The blog Politics in Minnesota has more on the mystery Pawlenty author, who released the self-published book, "Governor Tim Pawlenty: The Sam's Club Republican," on last week. Author J.A. McClure may have also published under the name Jay McClure for a book released last year titled "Sarah Qualyin: Left-Wing Smear Attacks on Rogue Conservatives."

Hot Dish reached out to McClure's self-publishing company and got a response via email from the mystery author. A slightly condensed Q&A is below.

McClure said that he writes under pen names, and it's still unclear if J.A. McClure is his real name. A follow up request asking for his name and who he's previously worked for has yet to be returned.

Hot Dish: Who are you?

J.A. McClure: I'm a twenty-something political junkie from the Midwest. I've worked in Republican politics in Illinois, Florida, and throughout New England. My most frequent role on campaigns is writing content for op-eds, web posts, speeches, and other materials. I typically submit commentary under pen names; or, if working on a campaign, under the candidate's name.

HD: Why did you write this book? Why Pawlenty?

JAM: Pawlenty has a compelling biography. I like the theme of the "Sam's Club Republican" and think he's lived up to it. After one of his visits to New Hampshire, I searched his name on Amazon and found no results. I saw a void and decided to fill it.

HD: Have you written any previous books or political articles?

JAM: Under different names.

HD: How long have you been in New Hampshire?

JAM: For about a year now.

HD: Why has seemingly no one in the state or in politics ever heard from you?

JAM: In politics, some people are out front with the candidate, others stay behind the scenes. I generally stay behind the scenes.

HD: Have you ever met Pawlenty? Do you have any connection to Minnesota?

JAM: No. I've always been fascinated by Minnesota politics.  I enjoy visiting the state but have never worked in it.

HD: Did you interview Pawlenty or anyone else for the book?

JAM: No, the book was written independently of Pawlenty and his team. My research was based on news and magazine articles, press releases, and his media appearances.

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