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Of the top 10 picks in the 2013 MLB draft, Kohl Stewart is the seventh to appear in the big leagues. Only five of the 10 remain with the organization that drafted them, and one — top overall pick Mark Appel — is out of professional baseball.


The Mets and Yankees are playing a makeup game Monday, which is not necessarily notable outside of New York, except that this makeup game features a terrific pitching matchup between Jacob deGrom and Luis Severino. It's on ESPN (6 p.m.) because of course it is.


"I've always liked the confidence Cousins shows on the field and the way he can sling the ball. I think we're going to see big plays from our QB this season that as Vikes fans we haven't seen since Favre."

"zataway" on Kirk Cous-ins at


"I like this new Johnny Field guy on the Twins because if you shout his name at him you're also telling him to do his job"